More topics than you can shake a stick at!

Just as the title says, I got a few things to cover so may as well get into it! ­čÖé

Pew-pew. We all know what it means, we’ve all done it at some point even if just once, or raiding with a group. Sometimes one can just be in the mood to shoot someone for no real reason other than the hell of it. It happens and I bet no one knows anyone that’s never experienced it from one side or another. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Some random people or group charge your camp/fort/igloo, over run you, then leave sometimes without even binding you up. Just for the sake of steamrolling you over then bolting out. That, in my experience, isn’t a very common occurance. Maybe it is for you? I don’t know. What amuses me is when you get that solitary person charge your defenses alone and let the arrows fly when clearly they are outnumbered. There are maybe a handful of people that can pull this off successfully but the majority of us, that’s a suicide run. Seen it happen today and it made me laugh. When you get that happen to you, what do you do once you bind up the kamikaze attacker? Do you roleplay them? Do you just drag them along and send them away? Personally, I am more inclined to just be rid of them. What about you?


When are defenses too much or too little? For me, I find our camp realistic and simple. Far from impenetrable, there are many points to grapple up and in, and only one door to get into the camp. The field in front of our camp is open and we can hit most of it from atop our stone wall but there are hills and trees for cover. Not a grand amount but enough to use if used right. It’s a basic camp. No traps. No four layers of doors to break into while you get pelted with arrows. No moats. No trained dancing sleens playing maracas while singing the Lithuanian national anthem. Nothing outlandish. I hear talk of or see some camps/forts/bunkers that are harder to get into than Obama’s sock drawer. While it may be realistic to live inside a fort made to never be breached, how likely is it that anyone would make the attempt a second time? So people make concessions to reality in order to somewhat level the playing field so people can have fun and still have protection. There is a happy medium out there. Not everyone finds it though. Lots of folks have places that are so overwhelmingly designed to thwart attackers that it is too frustrating to siege. Or laden with door after door to get through. Or a veritable mine field of traps. What are you so afraid of? Is winning that important to you that you have to make you home/sim so ridiculous that a team of drunken monkeys could defend it and be victorious? If you need to win ┬áthat much, wow do I feel bad for you! But it may not only be that reason. It could very well be that these people don’t know any different. They see others construct places in this manner so they duplicate it. Perhaps all they need is some new, fresh ideas. Or they just don’t care and want to win. *shrugs*


This is something that has bugged me for years. Shouting emotes when breaking into a camp. *blinks* Why? Is it to prove to anyone within shouting range that they are rping the action? That is what most people tell me. Hmm, ok I guess I can see some logic behind that. I still don’t agree with it though. If there is some doubt about them performing the proper rp, then it can be asked afterwards for it. Ok, then you get into “Oh well they can just fake that log.” Sure they can. You can fake near anything in SL. So what? No matter what you’ll never stop those kinds of people from doing that. And most likely, those that would fake a log have hot keyed grapples, lockpickings, and bindings. So they’re not worth the time anyways. I’m sorry but I just find it ridiculous to have to shout out, in essence, “HEY, we’re over here breaking in!!!”. What I most disagree with is on a lesser scale. Say someone is breaking into a camp and there are a couple people inside but they are in no position to see the intruder. All of a sudden these shouts are heard, OOC of course. But! You can’t unhear something. Even the most skilled roleplayer, even if not responding to the threat, already has that in their mind. Someone is breaking in. They, even subconsciously, prepare for it. They get ready to hit the auto run. The F key to draw a weapon. In some small way they prepare. More so if they are using a radar and mini map. But of course none of us use them *smiles and winks*. My point is if these words are shouted, there will automatically be a response from the people inside in some way, on some level. If nothing else, they are mentally readying themselves for it and already know what they will do. As opposed to if these two people inside were just chatting and suddenly BAM, hell breaks loose. What are your thoughts about this?


Slaves. They are everywhere. Some are better than others. There are those that are useful and like to play the role, and those that are there for sex and that’s about it knowing nothing about being a slave, and everywhere in between. My personal opinion on them is as such. If you’re going to play a slave, whether as your main or an alt or whatever, like any other role play it right. Know what you’re doing and involved with. You..are…a…slave! You’re not going to be coddled. You will have to do as you are told or you will get punished. Punishments will depend on how badly you messed up. Of course there will be varying degrees of leniency, but slaves need to always remember they are not free! I’ve seen slaves tell a free, after being told to do something, that they won’t do it. Or they are not their owner, they can’t tell them what to do. Or, you can’t punish me, only my owner can. Yeah? Guess again. You, as a slave, cannot tell a free no. Plain and simple. Don’t like it? Go back to whatever BDSM world you came from. This is Gor, not XXX Free Sex Sim #45. Princess slaves get on my nerves. And while it is a lot of their fault, their owner/groups are to blame too for letting them get away with it. I’ve let some things slip by with slaves I know and I’m not always harsh. I’m not a tyrant, but I do expect certain tenants to be followed like being obeyed. Either handle it or leave but you smart off to me or give me attitude and you can expect punishment to come hard and fast. I will compensate your owner. But this leads me to part two of this. In your place/group, what do you allow your slaves to do in combat? Technically any slave that attacks a free whether in defense or not is subject to death. A lot of times that is overlooked and sure, ok no problem. I probably won’t kill a kajira for hitting me with rocks if she is defending her home. What gets to me is letting kajirus use bows. Really? Because they are men they get a bow? Bullshit! They are a slave like the girls are. Them I will do something to. Or if a kajira has a bow, and yes I’ve seen it. The least I will do is break their fingers. Slaves do not use bows! They are not free! But to continue on, do you allow your slaves to fight? Do they work on the battlefield at all say with aiding or binding? For me, if a slave comes along to a battle, their main priority is aiding the combatants, binding fallen foes, and dragging them aside out of the way. If they do use their ┬áslave weapons, they are sure to know that if caught, they are subject to punishment for attacking a free. So what do you permit your slaves to do?

Hope you enjoyed my latest set of┬ánon sequitur ramblings. It’s late, I’m tired, and my brain went off to bed about an hour ago so I think I’ll join it. ­čÖé



Declining or same as it ever was?

The world of Gor in Second Life has many facets, various ins and outs that most anyone interested in the genre can find their niche. That can be a good thing, and a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Some folks would like to keep it more pure and to the letter of the books, others take liberties and expand upon what was written, then there are some that could care less about the books, the story, the history, and come to SL Gor merely to get their rocks off in some fashion.

Myself? I have always tried to embody the spirit of the novels as much as I can while still enjoying it. There is no way that an online environment can truly portray the world of Gor, too many differing opinions on what and how things ought to be. You get just a handful of people in a room to debate matters, and you have a potpourri of opinions. Multiply that by 10,000 and, well, you can see how large the chasm can get. So we each stick to our ideals and even though they don’t always mesh with others, we do our best to co-exist.

Of course, that doesn’t always work. Words like invalid, noob, and a multitude of other colorful insults ensue when one party disagrees strongly enough with the other. Many of these instances can be traced to a mis-communication or other sources. In the case of raids, lag plays a large part. How many times have you lagged over a wall, off a bridge, or disconnected? More times than I can count that’s for sure. But most of us automatically cry cheater when things happen like that when simple explanations can be found. We are so ingrained these days to people cheating, that is has become accepted by the majority of the populous that when there is a mis deed, it’s automatically a cheat and arguing begins.

Is this a new trend? I don’t think so. I think it’s always been this way, but with the ebb and flow of SL Gor it may seem that way. Trends and patterns are always emerging. These days, it seems more are moving to the Outlaw/Femlaw route. Fine. Dandy. I don’t have to agree or like those roles, they aren’t my avatars. Perhaps one day the tide will change and move back to city life, or panthers. Who knows? But it is my opinion, remember…opinion, that the prominence┬áof these groups is what people are basing many perceptions on.

Do all these groups cheat or try to get away with things? No, of course not. Most try to be as honest as they can and play a fair game. However, one mis perceived thing leads to another, then another, then a group has this bad reputation and everything the do is tainted from then on. Not just in outlaws, but any role or style of play. Like anything in life, one bad apple will spoil the bunch. Fingers start pointing, tempers flare, and situations degrade into name calling and finally into bans. Naturally there are people and groups out there that don’t play fair, make up their own rules, and couldn’t give a shit about the people they are effecting. The anonymity of the internet gives them this power. That, and they are just assholes. *grins*

I am bouncing all around here, I know. Sorry. It’s not very cohesive. What I guess I’m trying to say is not everything that looks like a cheat, is one. I’ve never purposefully cheated, not once. I don’t play that way but some things that I’ve done appeared as so. Mainly falling off things or lagging into objects and such. I don’t mean to but I don’t always have a choice. Many times, when given the chance, people can explain their actions and it’s reasonable. Of course, you get the ones that take advantage of that and use that as an excuse but when they do it multiple times, like making a habit of it, well we all can put it together that the person is a moron and trying to get away with something.

I’ve been guilty of this too. I’m no saint. I’ve seen things that blatantly looked like cheating and called it. Most of the time, I was right. Got corroboration from others, seen logs, etc. But I’ve been wrong too and I usually try to apologize to the person for that.

What gets me is most of the time, when people start whining and calling invalid for dumb ass things, it’s because they lost. Really? You’re going to pitch a fit because you lost in a game? Just how immature are you? People don’t realize that some great roleplay can come from a loss in battle. Then again, I have to point out that not all the people in SL Gor are there to roleplay. Some are there to shoot people up, to get the best stats, to rape, pillage, and plunder. X-boxers. We all know the term.┬á

It is my opinion that these X-boxers are the people that are ruining it for most others. They give people and groups a bad name and reputation, rarely get punished or called out, cause the most drama, mainly because their antics bring traffic. That, my friends, is what it all boils down to. The almighty traffic counter. I’ve seen people get away with such utter shit merely because they bring raids and keep the numbers up. That’s pathetic. To me at least. And I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

So what do we do? Well, I just ignore people like that. I have a mute button and not afraid to use it. I will ban people, even if just a rp ban, if it is warranted ( I don’t go crazy with that. I think I still only have two or three rp banned after all these years), and I move on to find better people, better roleplay. Because that’s why I’m here, to play my role in SL Gor the best I can, have a good time, have some fun, and not get stressed out. I think if you ask others, most will answer that same way as to why they are there. Does my way of playing or interpretation match yours? Chances are highly unlikely. That doesn’t mean we can’t both enjoy the world.

Once again, I went on a tangent. I think. I honestly don’t know if there was a point to all this really. If you find one in there, let me know. *smiles*

Overall though, the best advice I can give is to not take it all so damn seriously. My beautiful Kittie, she has had this philosophy forever. I was more rigid and strict. I took every nuance and action to heart, and it enhanced my roleplay a lot. But it also gave me too many headaches and stress fits. I have learned from her and now I am more relaxed. I take it easy. If I don’t like something that is happening, I stop it. I’m not going to get worked up anymore over this game, not to the stage I was getting to at least. I can still put great effort in and play my panther role and not go overboard. Moderation. The key to many things in life. I am there in SL Gor for my enjoyment, not anyone else’s.┬á

Ok, I am just gonna shut up now and stop this rambling hodge podge of random thoughts. *smiles*


Chiming in

Heya all. Been scoping out various blogs online about this and that in the world of Gor and decided hey, if you all can do it why can’t I? Well, because I am pretty inept when it comes to this stuff but will give it a go. If I mess up, I’ll find someone to blame for it no worries!